Cullen Cuts – City Edition

“There’s so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights”

This week, I’m visiting London and wanted to share some outfit inspiration for city travelling/living.

London is a great city, it’s home to some of the best museums and galleries in the world with plenty of diverse restaurants and beautiful sights to visit. No doubt, you will want to make the most of your time here, like any city so you may find yourself walking a lot to take it all in.

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Monday Motivation: CHAPTER ONE: You Have The Power To Change Stuff

As Monday marks the beginning of the week for most people, it seems only right to share some motivation and inspiration with you all on this day.


“New Monday, New Week, New Goals” 


I like to see Monday as a fresh start, it’s the beginning of the week and it’s your opportunity to set goals and plans and make the week everything you want it to be.


Always remember that every small step you take this week is leading you to your final goal, whatever that may be.
Chapter One: You Have The Power To Change Stuff – Daniel Flynn 
Follow the journey of three Australian kids from Melbourne with zero business experience and the shared belief that we all have the power to change stuff.
This book will inspire you, challenge you and give you the power to ‘change stuff’
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Cullen Cuts – Friday Edition

Thank God it’s Friday!

 In the celebration that it’s finally the weekend, today we have ‘Cullen Cuts’ – The Friday Edition.

Bring your A-game this Friday with bold patterns and interesting accessory additions. This look is great for whatever you might get up to. As always, the addition of accessories such as watches and scarves can give any look the ‘X’ Factor. If effortlessly cool and timeless is what you’re going for this weekend, then this is the look for you. Continue reading “Cullen Cuts – Friday Edition”

Monday Motivation- Ask and it is GIVEN

Another Monday has arrived and I want to give you another chance to get motivated and inspired. Here’s my book of the week:

Book 2:

Ask and It Is Given – By Esther and Jerry Hicks

Learning to manifest your desires


If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for this Universe is like a well-stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable at your disposal. And within every particle of this Universe is that which is wanted and the lack of it. This perspective of abundance, and the lack of it, is the environment in which focus is possible-and focus activates the Law of Attraction.”

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Cullen Cuts – Everyday Edition

As promised, I’m back with a new edition of ‘Cullen Cuts’ – The Everyday Edition.

This look is made up of essential everyday pieces that will not only transform your wardrobe but transform your whole look. I’m really one for attention to detail so adding these accessories will have you go from zero to hero instantly. Plus, they can be mixed and matched and added to almost any outfit. Check it out: Continue reading “Cullen Cuts – Everyday Edition”

Monday Motivation- Millionaire SUCCESS Habits

Throughout the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of my favourite books and pieces of inspiration to get you motivated and ready for a great week!

Book 1: 


Millionaire SUCCESS Habits- The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi

If you’re looking for an inspiring read with some tips and tricks on how to live a healthier, happier, wealthier life, then this book is a great read for you!

With some easy-to- follow habits that will guide you to success, it will leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the week!

Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts,


“America The Loving”

Hailing from Ireland, I have limited knowledge on American politics. One thing anyone can say about me is that I always lean towards positivity and acceptance of all people. Love is my language. With this in mind, I don’t want to make this a political post, but one focused on love and understanding.


Since taking my dreams and aspirations here to America, I’ve grown to love it even more than I’d previously imagined it in my wildest dreams. Here you can start from nowhere and end up anywhere. Here you have the privilege of interacting with people from all backgrounds and learn from their experiences. That to me is the beauty of this country. Opportunity.


Now people tend to have a limited view of what opportunity is. Opportunity is not just a chance to earn an income or as some may say “Live The American Dream”. Opportunity is the luxury of experiences. I’ll repeat that one more time. Opportunity is the luxury of experiences. You see back home although there are many beautiful people, places and things to draw inspiration from, there’s still a limit to the cultural exchange that’s geographically available. Living in LA has taught me so much about different cultures and lifestyles. This in turn has helped me grow as an artist and a person. That’s the foundation of America’s growth throughout history.


A shared story. A growing narrative. A welcoming land.


I’ve been welcomed here with open arms, both myself and my talents. However, I believe we should continue to champion people and stories that help make this country the guiding light that it is. It’s the loving thing to do. My life is filled with talented people from all backgrounds who make my story more whole, more enriched. The bond that ties us all together is what drives this world from a place of love: Empathy.


Let’s commit to empathy. No, let’s really commit to a foundation of collective experiences. When people hear my music, I want any and everyone to feel my words and emotions. That only happens with an open heart. A humanistic heart.


So as we progress through this year with more questions than answers, let’s make love for people our guiding principal.
I know that wide-eyed young man from Dublin from yesteryear would agree.