Backyard Sessions LA

This past Friday, I had the honor of performing and collaberating alongside the incredibly talented Mauricio Jiminez from Night Lights at Backyard Sessions in Mar Vista , LA. After Mau’s wonderful performance, I stepped onto the stage to perform a ~sneak peek~ set in anticipation for my new EP that is soon to be released. It was incredibly overwhelming watching the audience react to my set in such a joyful and energy-filled way. The key highlight to my night was when I performed “Missing Piece”. This, to me, is a very personal piece that comes from the very first day I saw my beautiful nephew after his arrival into the world. I wanted this song to speak and touch the audience with warmth and light. Reassuring them, and my nephew, that everything is going to be alright and that through music, perspectives can change. Without my audience and fans, my life would not be complete. They would be the key missing piece to my success. The fact that I got to see this message reach the physical audience in front of me last Friday, was absolutely phenomenal. I want to thank everyone who came to the Backyard Sessions  and gave Mau and myself the opportunity to perform. I would also like to thank the wonderful Alison Buck for capturing this lovely night and my accompaniment, the great Kazumi.

~*Look out for my new EP release coming soon*~


I start every Friday the same way. I wake up to the sun pouring into my window, and get a glimpse of the beautiful blue skies through the blinds. I take a moment for my senses to awaken. I then give thanks for the day, and head for the kettle. Last Friday was an exceptionally beautiful day, and after I made my tea, I took headed to my back porch.

It’s a calming area, with cool, grey stone pavers and a small fountain filled with irises on the side. Fruit trees dip low, almost to the ground, and the cool California morning makes the steam roll off of my tea perfectly.

Every morning, I open up iTunes and find new music to listen to while I wait for the caffeine to kick in so I can start working. Last Friday, I was particularly excited as I came to see that Daley released his second album “Spectrum.”

As the music drifted through my speakers, I instantly I fell in love with every aspect of it—the voice, the lyrics, the production quality—but as I let myself seep into the sound, I noticed that the album made me feel something completely different.

A wave of gratitude came over me. I could feel it physically almost. I usually try to find the positives in every situation, but let’s be real. We are all complex and some days can just really take a toll on us. Financial struggles, relationship issues, career frustrations, past hurts, or simply just waking up on the wrong side of the bed, can cause interruptions to gratitude.

But that morning, as I listened to Daley, my mind began to travel down a path of deep gratitude.  I looked around me and started to become grateful for the things I have. My IPhone, speaker, coffee, house,  and even wifi connection. Awareness extended to my hands, warmed against the cool morning by my tea, and I was grateful for the cup that someone had to manufacture, the tea leaves someone had to pick. I began to dig deeper into my thoughts on what it took to get everything to this exact point. I even became grateful for the milk in my coffee. For the cow that had made the milk, the farm itself and its workers, the delivery people, the store where I’d purchased it.

Like a road with no off-ramps, my heart took me on a journey through everything involved in creating that perfect morning. My revelry lasted for an hour, and in that time my tea grew cold. I could barely move as I considered how connected we all are, how we rely on each other for everything, and most of the time, we don’t even notice it. I keep seeing that in the simplest of our everyday lives, not only are we sometimes massively ungrateful, but we often forget that we are connected to everything and that’s where the appreciation should lie. Most of the time, we are angry when we don’t have something we are used to having—wifi, air conditioning, coffee. Isn’t that the problem? Becoming used to something can lead us to ungratefulness. 

As a musician, I enjoy appreciating other’s music. I like to know what the trend is, what others are coming up with. After listening to Daleys album, I became grateful that he had nurtured his talent and creativity and expressed it to the world. I was grateful  to the musician who played on the album, to the designers, to his label for bringing it to market, to the pain and experiences, high and lows he went through to create such a beautiful piece of work. Even though I don’t know his story, I am grateful for the lives he was able to touch through his music. I was able to sit on my porch, with a cup of tea, and consume, even relish in, his very personal experiences that he has managed to write and express into a beautiful work of art.

Wonderful Moeloco

This blog post is a more serious and heart touching one. The other day, the team from Moeloco reached out tell me about this wonderful organization. They informed me about their wonderful goal through this business. Moeloco is an entrepreneurship who sells flip flops but in return, every flip flop they sell a pair of school shoes is sent out to a less fortunate child around the globe. The name itself, Moeloco, translates to “dream crazy” and their dream is to make a positive difference for some of the poorest children in the world. This, to me, was worth posting about on my blog because not only are these people making their dreams come true with their own creative company, but they are also helping people around the globe by doing what they love. This is what living means. This is what being an innovative creator means. This is what I want to do. Give back to people around the world by doing what I love through music. It is admirable, really. So please, if you have the time check them out at and make their (and all of the economically less fortunate children in the world)’s day, that would be much appreciated!!

So What do You Think?

The question that everyone has been hyping up. The question that leaves us all on the edge of our seats. The question we keep hearing around on every corner of every street. Yes you guessed it. “Who do you think will win? Mayweather or McGregor!?” Now, this is definitely a question you need to think about before answering. In LA, most would answer “Mayweather of course!!” but in Ireland? Oh you best believe that McGregor is the name buzzing around. As a born and raised Irish man, I do have to root for McGregor all the way. I mean, how could you not love him? He’s hilarious, bit of a potty mouth, and he puts on a good show for the audience! The past press conference shows McGregor’s true side and was definitely one for the books. For those of you who didn’t watch, basically McGregor called Mayweather a plethora of names and then tried to get the audience to chant “f*ck the Mayweathers”. Of course, this isn’t very professional in my opinion, but this is the norm when it comes to press conferences. This is also the norm when it comes to McGregor. As a musician, I relate to the ‘performance’ that these two boxers as well as other boxers all over the world have had to put on. It’s all about entertainment in the end. The audience is always reaching and grasping for more and if you can’t give them what they want, then you don’t have an audience anymore!! As a musician, my main goal is always about giving the audience what they want. Giving them more of my material in order to keep them on their toes. To me, the audience is everything. Without one, I wouldn’t be the Keith Cullen I am today. Mayweather and McGregor put on a grand performance and these press conferences are very good to learn from and easy to incorporate that knowledge on their ‘performance’ into my social media presence. Even then, I consider myself learning from other ‘artists’ on all types of platforms. So I end this blog with one question, and one question only. Who do YOU think will win on the 26th of August?

Thursday Moods

I have been treating myself to a healthy lifestyle and so far, it has been going amazingly great. There is nothing like having a healthy meal habit that includes greens, veggies, fruits, and protein. I look at pictures of myself and am contempt to see the progress I have been making. It is important to be healthy and alive. Of course, living a healthy life style physically means that one must also live a healthy life style emotionally and mentally. In order to keep myself sane and happy, I tend to venture out and make the most of my days. I find new and exciting things here in LA every time I set foot outside. Everything here is absolutely incredible. The people are really like none other. My advice to all of my followers is to get out as much as possible. Talk to strangers. Eat new food. Discover new places. The best therapy is to expose oneself to new and exciting things in this world. You never know what you may find. I know that if it wasn’t for jumping into new experiences, I would have never made it this far. So lace up your shoes, and walk out that door. Tell me your new experiences. I’ll be waiting.

May The July 4th Be With You

Today is one of the most important days for the United States. We all know the US as the fast food, economy-boosting, hectic lifestyle loving country, but we seem to forget the real and most important reason as to why the United States is the most wanted place to live in. For it’s freedom and independence.

This is the day where the US declared themselves a separate nation from the British Empire. Living in California has made me appreciate all of the things that this country has had to offer. Not only is the food exceptionally amazing, but the people here are like none other. This country has given me so many opportunities to expand my wings in the music industry and to really fulfill my dreams.

Sure the country isn’t ecstatic when it comes to the treatment other nationalities with the entire Trump situation, but the country still stands high, mighty, and united.

So, I wish the United States and everyone who is celebrating this joyous day, a very happy 4th of July filled with love, family, strength, and unity.

M.Boutique – A Place to Visit

Last week when strolling through Brooklyn, I stumbled across this little gem and I want to share it.


M.Boutique is your place to go for safe, alluring home care, face and body care products. As soon as I stepped inside, I knew that this place was special, a beautifully decorated store incorporating elements of nature and well laid out products.

I was greeted by the Founder Chris Foster who helpfully showed me around the store and described each product to me. Chris is a man with goals and dreams and a great story behind him, he stands up for what he believes in and wants to share his products with world.

If you are in the area or ever get a chance to visit New York, this place is well worth the visit. You can also order online at:

10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Checking Social Media

Many people are in denial about the amount of time they spend on their social media profiles. Well let me tell you, all those minutes of checking in and ‘just having a quick look’ really add up.

I’m only saying this today because I recently downloaded the checky app only to realise that I had checked my phone 47 times in one day. And I recently read that in a study led by Nottingham Trent University it was concluded that the average person checks their phones 85 times a day (daily mail UK) wow, this is crazy, no?

I couldn’t believe it and I clearly still can’t believe it, in fact, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to come to terms with this statistic. So what was I been doing the other day when I checked in on my phone 47 times? As far as I was concerned, I checked my phone a couple of times throughout the day. I was wrong, very wrong and it got me thinking about the amount of time we as a society spend on social media.

What are we all doing? Sometimes we’re reading inspirational or informative stories and articles, we can see what our friends are up to and loved ones who we can’t see because they’re on the other side of the world. However, we’re also aimlessly scrolling through these sites, mindlessly liking posts and spending a lot of time thinking about what we can post next and how many likes we’re going to get. (we all do it)

So can we say that this relationship we have with social media is healthy? I think not.

Genuine connections are becoming less important to people, it’s all about that instant connection, feeling connected because people are liking and commenting on your posts.

So with this said, I’ve decided to put together a list of things you could do instead of checking in on social media.

Maybe you’re happy with the way things are and that’s perfectly fine but I suggest trying one of these options at least one of the eighty five times you will check your phone today.

  1. This one is simple, feel the urge to pick up your phone again? Just close your eyes and breathe, take a moment out of the madness, regardless of the situation you’re in, take a break, take a moment, listen to yourself breathe and just relax.
  2. Start reading a book.
  3. Take a walk, take in your surroundings, enjoy the life that surrounds you.
  4. Draw a picture, put some of that creativity you have to use and draw a picture, why not.
  5. Turn around to someone who is standing close to you and tell them something great. Let them know why you love them or maybe that you like their outfit. Be present.
  6. Organise yourself, whether you’re in work or at home, spend that extra time getting yourself organised.
  7. This one may not be for everyone, but why not try learn a language?
  8. Write down your blessings, you could start a blessings jar and add a blessing to it whenever you feel, then come back to it at the end of each week or whenever you need to remember what you need to be grateful for.
  9. Write a letter to someone you love, I bet you haven’t done this one. But how nice would it be to receive a handwritten letter from a person that you love. So surprise someone and do it for them, no doubt it will be greatly appreciated.
  10.  Listen to some good music, listening to new music is always a good idea.

Personal Development blogs you MUST read


I’m always on the lookout for the latest  resources to implement into my own life and to share with those around me.


This is the perfect time to regain focus on what you truly want in life.


I’ve made a list of my favourite blogs that will give you that extra inspiration you may be needing today:

– ‘Lifehack has your back to make sure everything you do really matters.’ A great resource for psychology, productivity and general health.

– A site filled with mind, body and fitness tips. With lots of interesting and easily relatable stories, this site is one to watch.

– Does exactly what it says on the tin, teaching us all to be optimistic and how to be our best selves, always worth a read.

Let me know your thoughts,









Blog Takeover- Juan Guadarrama

The greatest thing that training has brought me is the connections I’ve made with others. When I first became a trainer I thought great, I get to be in the gym and everyone is going to want to train with me! I was not prepared or anticipated what was to come. Case study: Keith Cullen. I met Keith at the first gym I worked at. At the time, he was visiting Santa Monica from Ireland. At first I didn’t think much of it since the area attracts a lot of visitors. As with everyone I come in contact with, the natural progression of things is getting to know each other. As a trainer, you have to learn how to create an experience where people get quality training and build a trustworthy relationship with you. It is almost as if training becomes secondary. This is where our friendship manifested.

Keith is quiet, extremely photogenic, and a very genuine person (don’t tell him I said). He doesn’t accept bullshit or anyone who is fake. Apparently he took a liking to me. My guess is only because he is slightly taller than me (don’t tell him I said that either!). Also, did I forget to mention, Keith is an international superstar?!

I am very appreciative of what I get to do. Turns out, I learn a lot from the people that I work with. Keith may at times curse and “complain” about training but he always shows up to deliver on his end of the deal. He is a person of character who expects more out of life. He perseveres to create a certain life style for himself. I have learned to not leave anything to chance but to pursue dreams and tasks with a plan. Greatness is for everyone, you just have to figure out how to get there. His weekly updates keep me disciplined and on track for my own personal growth. On his end, I hope I have taught him how to be funny, grow massive calves, and of course how to be a gym rat :). I think this is what has kept our relationship sustainable over the years.

What matters in any business is the grassroots relationships that genuinely develop. It is not about the selfishness of seeking what you can gain from others, but for a true interest in good human beings. Thank you Keith for everything! Great things to come! Stay tuned on our social media outlets to keep up to date on our shenanigans!