Heaven, Hell, and Capitol Records: A Transformation of Perspective

Hello everyone,

It’s been a year of tests, tribulations, lessons and growth for so many of us.

The details of our journeys are always going to be different, but there are so many threads that we share as spirits having our human experience. I just wanted to share this particular story in the hope that we can find another moment of commonality, and really touch on what makes us relate to one another. Continue reading “Heaven, Hell, and Capitol Records: A Transformation of Perspective”

“Human kindness is overflowing but I think it’s gonna rain tonight!”

A friend reminded me of this lyric after I shared a picture on the grueling effect chemo has on the body. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for the human kindness—so far it’s been unbelievable! Big shoutout to my own nearest and dearest for putting up with my antics over the last couple of month! I love you!

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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

It’s week three of treatment. I’ve got the drill down, I know how it will make me feel, when nausea will strike, how long I’ll sleep, what I can eat to feel better.

Before each chemo round, I have a routine to prepare myself mentally.

I practically bounced into the hospital on Monday ready to face the challenge. When I arrived, they completed blood tests and I was told that my neutrophils were 0.1 (a tenth of where they needed to be), so after the nurses and consultants took some time to deliberate, they canceled chemo for that day.

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Saying Something in Australia

I’ve been so fortunate so far to be having a great time in Australia, and have been keeping incredibly busy. With so many new people to meet and things to do, this experience has already been immensely rewarding. Travelling has such a unique way of opening up our eyes: it gives us a fresh perspective in a brand new place. This past week, I’ve had the most rewarding experiences: climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and taking in the insane views, strolling through the charming Botanical Gardens, taking a trip down to the beautiful Lake Macquarie, and of course eating the most delicious food (can definitely recommend Thrive and China for anyone in the area).

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Turn On The Light – Behind The Scenes with Kamal Ibrahim

I can’t believe it’s been four weeks now since the release of “Turn On the Light”. There are so many incredible people to thank for this whole experience, but none of it would be possible without Kamal Ibrahim. Kamal and I met back in 2010 after my first EP release, so reconnecting with him for collaboration on Turn On the Light made perfect sense. Continue reading “Turn On The Light – Behind The Scenes with Kamal Ibrahim”

Give A Home

Words really, truly, can not describe how excited I am to be performing on September 20th at Sofar’s event Give a Home. This is the largest music charity organization were THOUSANDS of artists, both tremendously famous and underground, come together in thousands of homes to perform and raise money for those millions who were forced to flee their homes. Continue reading “Give A Home”

10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Checking Social Media

Many people are in denial about the amount of time they spend on their social media profiles. Well, let me tell you, all those minutes of checking in and ‘just having a quick look’ really add up.

I’m only saying this today because I recently downloaded the checky app only to realize that I had checked my phone 47 times in one day. And I recently read that in a study led by Nottingham Trent University it was concluded that the average person checks their phones 85 times a day (daily mail UK) wow, this is crazy, no? Continue reading “10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Checking Social Media”