Saying Something in Australia

I’ve been so fortunate so far to be having a great time in Australia, and have been keeping incredibly busy. With so many new people to meet and things to do, this experience has already been immensely rewarding. Travelling has such a unique way of opening up our eyes: it gives us a fresh perspective in a brand new place. This past week, I’ve had the most rewarding experiences: climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and taking in the insane views, strolling through the charming Botanical Gardens, taking a trip down to the beautiful Lake Macquarie, and of course eating the most delicious food (can definitely recommend Thrive and China for anyone in the area).

All of these new adventures have been incredible, reminding me of how while traveling can force us out of our comfort zone, going to new places can be refreshing and allows us to refocus and revitalize.

With this mindset, my experience in Australia so far has reminded me of my song “Say Something”. Almost a year-old now, “Say Something” is all about the importance of being real. With all the people we come in contact with everyday, it’s easy to talk in circles, speaking only on the surface. It’s often much simpler to speak generally and gloss over any issues, but how can we form real connections if we never truly say something?


The rejuvenated self Australia has brought me reminds me of just that. There’s so many people out there, with so many different backgrounds and stories to tell. Being in a new place affords countless new opportunities, but to take advantage of that, you need to get past the surface level, and really speak.

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