Give A Home

Words really, truly, can not describe how excited I am to be performing on September 20th at Sofar’s event Give a Home. This is the largest music charity organization were THOUSANDS of artists, both tremendously famous and underground, come together in thousands of homes to perform and raise money for those millions who were forced to flee their homes. On September 20th, there will be over 300 concerts happening at the exact same time in 60 different countries. The biggest music event to happen in history. This is all for the support of 22 million refugees. All benefits will be going towards these refugees. This is an incredibly beautiful event because not only is it supporting a tremendously amazing cause, but it is also giving thousands of artists around the world the opportunity to do what they love best while at the same time helping those in need. This is what an artist lives for. To make a tremendously positive impact through doing what they love. In this case, it is performing. Join me, along with a huge number of artists, in performing for Give A Home. Together, with the charity organization Amnesty, we will unite musicians and fans worldwide in support of the millions of refugees everywhere.

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