Where Dreams Come True

A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the most magical place on earth with my lovely family, Disney World. This was a treat for my nephew which made him incredibly happy. During my trip, I really got the opportunity to explore life through the eyes of a child again. It reminded me of how, as a child, I used to dream of owning the stage. Having my name all over the world and people non-stop listening to my music. As a kid, anything you think of is possible.

You have absolutely nothing in your way stopping you from reaching your goals. As we grow older, unfortunately, we start to lose that ambition and start to create barriers in our minds depending on the environment we are raised in. Although I had never lost this ambition of becoming a musician,  it was just the perfect reminder I needed to strengthen my ambition and mindset with the music industry.

Being in Disney World reminded me of just how exciting it is to let go of all your problems and to just run around doing every single thing that is fun and adventurous to you. It reminded me that no matter how old you get, there are still ways to go out and achieve whatever you put your mind to. I’m so happy I got to go on this adventure which gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my inner kid. Disney truly is the happiest place on Earth.

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