Wonderful Moeloco

This blog post is a more serious and heart touching one. The other day, the team from Moeloco reached out to tell me about this wonderful organization. They informed me about their wonderful goal through this business.

Moeloco is entrepreneurship who sells flip flops but in return, every flip flop they sell a pair of school shoes is sent out to a less fortunate child around the globe.

The name itself, Moeloco, translates to “dream crazy” and their dream is to make a positive difference for some of the poorest children in the world. This, to me, was worth posting about on my blog because not only are these people making their dreams come true with their own creative company, but they are also helping people around the globe by doing what they love. This is what living means.

This is what being an innovative creator means. This is what I want to do. Give back to people around the world by doing what I love through music. It is admirable, really.

So please, if you have the time check them out at https://www.moeloco.com/ and make their (and all of the economically less fortunate children in the world)’s day, that would be much appreciated!!

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