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The Irish, A Nation obsessed with Tea and here’s why…

  1. Not only does tea warm up the body, it heats up the soul. It makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside. No matter what kind of a day you’re having, taking a sip of a good cup of Irish tea can make almost anything better.
  2. Tea is the greatest “chat” enabler. Go to any house in Ireland and you’ll instantly be offered a cup of the hot stuff, next thing you know, you’re five cups in and mid-discussion about the meaning of life.
  3. Tea is a social event. People get together  just to drink tea, sitting down and drinking cup after cup and talking for days is a regular occurrence. No matter what your problem might be, tea can solve it, Irish people believe that tea has magical healing powers.
  4. It makes eating a whole packet of biscuits seem like a perfectly good thing to do. You can’t really have a cup of tea without having a few biscuits, or a few more than a few.
  5. Tea is appropriate in any situation. Take this for example; a friend arrives at your house after some sort of incident and they’re clearly “in a tizzy” What’s the first thing you say? “Have a cup of tea, it’ll help calm the nerves.”
  6. Unlike drinking coffee, tea has a much lower caffeine content so it’s basically, more or less, in a roundabout way, pretty good for you.
  7. Tea brings a positive outlook to any gathering. The only thing you have to worry about is whether the person who’s making the tea will use a “Barry’s” or a “Lyons” tea bag, a well known heated discussion in many households.
  8. It encourages dunking biscuit competitions, this involves dipping your biscuit in your tea and seeing who can keep theirs in there the longest without it breaking, always fun.
  9. It also enables drinkers to try the “Twirl Experience” a life changing experience which can be done with most chocolate bars. All you have to do is bite off the top and bottom of the twirl and suck the tea up through the middle, it gets all gooey and moist (HEAVEN)
  10. It would be rude not to!! In Ireland, saying no to a cup of tea is almost a rude gesture. The art of tea drinking has been passed on through the generations, it’s the responsibility of Irish people and anyone else who wants to get involved to keep this tradition alive.

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