May The July 4th Be With You

Today is one of the most important days for the United States. We all know the US as the fast food, economy-boosting, hectic lifestyle loving country, but we seem to forget the real and most important reason as to why the United States is the most wanted place to live in. For it’s freedom and independence.

This is the day where the US declared itself a separate nation from the British Empire. Living in California has made me appreciate all of the things that this country has had to offer. Not only is the food exceptionally amazing, but the people here are like none other. This country has given me so many opportunities to expand my wings in the music industry and to really fulfill my dreams.

Sure the country isn’t ecstatic when it comes to the treatment other nationalities with the entire Trump situation, but the country still stands high, mighty, and united.

So, I wish the United States and everyone who is celebrating this joyous day, a very happy 4th of July filled with love, family, strength, and unity.

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