10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Checking Social Media

Many people are in denial about the amount of time they spend on their social media profiles. Well, let me tell you, all those minutes of checking in and ‘just having a quick look’ really add up.

I’m only saying this today because I recently downloaded the checky app only to realize that I had checked my phone 47 times in one day. And I recently read that in a study led by Nottingham Trent University it was concluded that the average person checks their phones 85 times a day (daily mail UK) wow, this is crazy, no?

I couldn’t believe it and I clearly still can’t believe it, in fact, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to come to terms with this statistic. So what was I been doing the other day when I checked in on my phone 47 times? As far as I was concerned, I checked my phone a couple of times throughout the day. I was wrong, very wrong and it got me thinking about the amount of time we as a society spend on social media.

What are we all doing? Sometimes we’re reading inspirational or informative stories and articles, we can see what our friends are up to and loved ones who we can’t see because they’re on the other side of the world. However, we’re also aimlessly scrolling through these sites, mindlessly liking posts and spending a lot of time thinking about what we can post next and how many likes we’re going to get. (we all do it)

So can we say that this relationship we have with social media is healthy? I think not.

Genuine connections are becoming less important to people, it’s all about that instant connection, feeling connected because people are liking and commenting on your posts.

So with this said, I’ve decided to put together a list of things you could do instead of checking in on social media.

Maybe you’re happy with the way things are and that’s perfectly fine but I suggest trying one of these options at least one of the eighty five times you will check your phone today.

  1. This one is simple, feel the urge to pick up your phone again? Just close your eyes and breathe, take a moment out of the madness, regardless of the situation you’re in, take a break, take a moment, listen to yourself breathe and just relax.
  2. Start reading a book.
  3. Take a walk, take in your surroundings, enjoy the life that surrounds you.
  4. Draw a picture, put some of that creativity you have to use and draw a picture, why not.
  5. Turn around to someone who is standing close to you and tell them something great. Let them know why you love them or maybe that you like their outfit. Be present.
  6. Organise yourself, whether you’re in work or at home, spend that extra time getting yourself organised.
  7. This one may not be for everyone, but why not try learn a language?
  8. Write down your blessings, you could start a blessings jar and add a blessing to it whenever you feel, then come back to it at the end of each week or whenever you need to remember what you need to be grateful for.
  9. Write a letter to someone you love, I bet you haven’t done this one. But how nice would it be to receive a handwritten letter from a person that you love. So surprise someone and do it for them, no doubt it will be greatly appreciated.
  10.  Listen to some good music, listening to new music is always a good idea.

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