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The greatest thing that training has brought me is the connections I’ve made with others. When I first became a trainer I thought great, I get to be in the gym and everyone is going to want to train with me! I was not prepared or anticipated what was to come.

Case study: Keith Cullen. I met Keith at the first gym I worked at. At the time, he was visiting Santa Monica from Ireland. At first I didn’t think much of it since the area attracts a lot of visitors.

As with everyone I come in contact with, the natural progression of things is getting to know each other. As a trainer, you have to learn how to create an experience where people get quality training and build a trustworthy relationship with you. It is almost as if training becomes secondary. This is where our friendship manifested.

Keith is quiet, extremely photogenic, and a very genuine person (don’t tell him I said). He doesn’t accept bullshit or anyone who is fake. Apparently he took a liking to me. My guess is only because he is slightly taller than me (don’t tell him I said that either!). Also, did I forget to mention, Keith is an international superstar?!

I am very appreciative of what I get to do. Turns out, I learn a lot from the people that I work with. Keith may at times curse and “complain” about training but he always shows up to deliver on his end of the deal. He is a person of character who expects more out of life. He perseveres to create a certain life style for himself. I have learned to not leave anything to chance but to pursue dreams and tasks with a plan. Greatness is for everyone, you just have to figure out how to get there. His weekly updates keep me disciplined and on track for my own personal growth. On his end, I hope I have taught him how to be funny, grow massive calves, and of course how to be a gym rat :). I think this is what has kept our relationship sustainable over the years.

What matters in any business is the grassroots relationships that genuinely develop. It is not about the selfishness of seeking what you can gain from others, but for a true interest in good human beings. Thank you Keith for everything! Great things to come! Stay tuned on our social media outlets to keep up to date on our shenanigans!

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