Top 5 Healthy Food Blogs Right Now

If you’re looking for the best advice, ideas and great recipes for living a healthy/balanced lifestyle then you’ve come to the right place.

The internet is packed with healthy food blogs but I’ve compiled a list of my favourite 5 to help you chose which to follow.  These blogs contain great recipes, insightful posts on diet trends and great tips for eating better.

This blog is a compilation of recipes, videos, cooking demonstrations and scientifically sound nutritional information. Wendy and Jess will teach you how to cook healthy yet delicious meals no matter how inexperienced you are.

This blog covers everything from appetisers to breakfast and baby food to travel. With mouth-watering recipes, this blog will be sure to have you eating healthy in no time.

Here you’ll find humble, wholesome recipes and meanderings on life, love, loss and the stuff in-between. This blog has got some very interesting recipes and ideas that you probably will not have thought about before. Have a read.

This blog not only gives you loads of great paleo recipes but also fitness plans, beauty, travel decor etc. It’s well worth a look at if you’re considering a paleo diet; a diet which goes way beyond just weight loss but will have many other great effects on your life.

Heidi focuses on natural, whole foods. This blog has natural food basics, which many of us could do with reading and also, seasonal recipes and seasonal ingredients to ensure you’re always eating the most healthy, fresh, in-season produce.

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