Cullen Cuts – The Gym Edition

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  • Cullen Cuts – The Gym Edition

Don’t wish for it, work for it!

I’m advocating for the gym, I love training, I really love the healthy feeling that working out gives me! The question is: how do you keep it cool while still feeling comfortable enough to work out?

Read below to find out: ‘Cullen Cuts’ – The Gym Edition.

This week, I have a few examples of items I like to wear to the gym or post-gym that are the perfect mix of versatile and functional but also comfortable and stylish.

Breathable materials are best for working out as they help with body odour, they help reduce chafing and they also mop up sweat, not to mention they often look sharp and fresh. The gym has become a lot more social and as a result, style is now a key element in almost any gym outfit.

Check it out:


Jacket: Armani Exchange, Shoes: Nike, Pants: Diesel, Armband: Nike, Sunglasses: Venice Boutique


Jacket: Armani Exchange


Jacket: Armani Exchange, Shoes: Nike

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