How To Build The Team That Will Allow You To Fulfil Your Dream


“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” – Ali Flood (Believe Management)

As I strolled through my Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that striking caption on a photo posted by Ali Flood, who’s a member of my creative team. The photo was of her posing next to Aoife Kilpatrick, a talented designer who works for my best friend’s creative agency, Pink Honey. This candid moment of christmas happiness between two talented women, who despite hailing from the same country, needed thousands of miles and a chance encounter in order to experience the true meaning of “team.”

Ali helps steer my day-to-day digital content in the right direction And Aoife, with her amazing design skills has helped create the images that countless people see everyday, as I continue to grow and thrive in the music business.

These two were brought together by a series of events and relationships that started back in Ireland and has manifest itself into pure magic here in the Unites States. My perspective on team building has always started and ended with a vibe. As humans, we all live and create on different frequencies. Some high, some low, but those frequencies typically shift from day-to-day. After all, we’re only human.

The sad reality is most people can go an entire lifetime without finding the right individuals to vibe with. Voices go unheard. Dreams go unfulfilled. All because the motivation of team is lacking. My music is based on that reality. That there are people out there who need motivation, a team, and in my particular calling, a voice, to help them as they embark on their journey. That to me is the beauty of music.

Team building ultimately starts with self. The energy you admit creates the conditions to attract the right people. Don’t believe me? Try building a team with individuals who don’t share your values, morals or vision. You may be able to fake it for a while for the sake of individual accomplishments, but in the end, the house of cards will eventually tumble. You need to be dealt a strong hand in order for lady luck to be on your side. So if luck is preparation meets opportunity, you should prepare to meet the right people, and take the opportunity to engage — when the frequency is right.

Engage. Be Open. Honest, and most of all, strategic with whom you build with and WHY you’re building.

I often look at the wonderful team of individuals who’ve helped get here in awe. So many talented and good-natured people. How have I been so lucky? What did I do?

Easy — I attracted them.

Attract your tribe.

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