2016 has personally been one of my favourite years. Although I’m sure many of you can agree it hasn’t been without it’s challenges.

As I navigate through my days, I encounter so many people who believe they have a purpose and want to do something, they want to take action in order to make a difference.

I agree with this, I believe we must have a higher purpose, a mission, a profound calling and then we must be fearless and brave enough to follow that calling.

While taking action can make a huge difference, it’s really how we are in the world that makes the difference.



Recently, I met a friend who taught me a valuable lesson: She had just returned from church after spending the service praying for a better world, yet was rude to the waitress. I laughed a left a bigger tip for the individual who was actually a lovely host. It just proves, it’s not always about the actions we take but about how we are.

Ok, Stop for a second and consider this today…

If you are at peace with yourself right now, you are making a difference, of course you can give out, march on the streets, talk about it, donate to causes, feel sorry or empathetic for the World, but before you can make any changes you have to find your own inner peace. .

The ripple effect of happiness, love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, that’s how you make a difference.

Christmas this year I was asked to contribute to a homeless drive in Venice, this was one of the most powerful events I have been involved in. I didn’t see the ‘problem’ it allowed me to see the ‘people’

Problems will still exist tomorrow, the injustice, prejudice, war, famine, homelessness, racism, homophobia- It isn’t going anywhere- not yet- not today

You want to help, you want to be part of the solution and you CAN be and hopefully WILL be!
But remember you have to conquer yourself first- Make that your 2017 goal.

Tackle your own views, your own conflicts, your own insecurities, your own fears and personal internal wars.

Don’t insult yourself by believing you are powerless, it’s quite the opposite.

You have the power, use it in 2017!

Love and Light,


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