All you can EAT tips! Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is looming and as this will be my first time celebrating, I’m particularly excited. A beautiful day to celebrate, give thanks and lets not forget, TO EAT.
I have put together the following list of tips to help you get the most out of your day (food-wise):

Disclaimer: In no way am I a thanksgiving expert, dietitian or health coach, the following is information I have cultivated as an observer of this fabulous, food based holiday.
Being a self-proclaimed food fanatic definitely has it’s perks, and today you can benefit from my love of food with the following tips I have put together:  
-Between course exercise
Absolutely stretch out, walk around between courses, burning a small number of calories and helping your food to digest so that you’re ready to sit down and eat more when the time comes
-Eat breakfast. 
This might be a surprising one for some. But if you don’t eat breakfast, your stomach will not be prepared for the large amounts of food you’re about to eat.
-Lower calorie foods 
Maybe you’re doing the cooking, maybe you’re not! Either way, encourage the chef to make some lower calorie options which will help those on diets and also will allow people to still eat delicious food but food that is slightly less fattening
-Save space for your favourites
We all have that food item that we just LOVE so don’t be silly and fill yourself on the stuff that you enjoy but don’t love. Plan your day, be smart, make wise food choices.
-Slowly Savour your food 
Remember: YOU ARE IN NO RUSH. “Slow and steady wins the race” especially when it comes to thanksgiving. It’s all about enjoying the food and taking your time eating it.
-Minimise your alcohol intake 
Be careful  not to fill yourself up with alcohol, this can happen without even realising, so drink plenty of water between courses and save the drinking until after (if you can find the space)
-Enjoy the day
Most of all, have a fantastic day with the ones you love! Take the day to relax, eat and celebrate the life you live!

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