Digital Get Down

Digital, digital get down (get down) just you and me / (You may be) Twenty thousand miles away, but I can see ya / And baby, baby you can see me

Let’s go on a journey to the year 2000, when *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached album dropped and became an absolute smash hit. This song, “Digital Get Down” was one of their hit singles (though, not as popular as the infamous “Bye Bye Bye”). It’s crazy to think about the differences between the “digital get downs” of the 2000s and today.

Admittedly, my first thought went straight to Tinder. I mean, what could be more relevant to the “digital get down” of 2016 than a mobile app meant for gettin’ down…if you know what I mean. 😉

In the year 2000, the “digital get down” in question was probably more in line with communication on flip phones, via call or text. Remember when we had those tiny monthly text limits?! There’s no doubt that we would pass those tenfold today.

In addition to archaic cell phones being the newest in mobile technology, the way we listen to music was on the brink of an extraordinary revolution. 2001 was a big year for music technology—iTunes was introduced at the start of the New Year, and the iPod was introduced 8 months later.

During that time, I was a music-obsessed Dublin teen collecting CDs and writing songs in my bedroom. Yes, I had this *NSYNC disc. I had seen the evolution of technology speed up right before my eyes, being born into a world with no World Wide Web. And now, we are all experiencing the digital age, a globe that is more interconnected than ever before. Social media has become a new public sphere for the global community. We exchange ideas, express our creativity, and share our feelings. We swipe right, we double tap, and we scroll endlessly.

My song, “Say Something,” was written with all of this in mind. We are so connected in our digital spaces, that we are not connected in the flesh. The line, “Say something that’s real” represents my longing for honest communication and real-life connection.

So, let’s try to put away the Snapchat at dinner, and let’s make a call instead of sending a text. These are little things that can make the often isolating and judgmental world of social media feel less real and less tied into our inherent value. Let’s transform our 24/7 digital get downs to digital special occasions.

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