Origin of Debut Single “Make Way”

It began late December 2017 when the world known to Keith Cullen flipped upside down. After receiving trenching news of having cancer, Keith’s path steered to challenging times ahead. 

Due to various strenuous treatments, his music career was placed on hold. However, six months later, thankfully, his cancer disappeared. 

The master of powerhouse music was in hiding recovering. Though maintaining in hiatus didn’t prevent Keith to express his experience through lyrics. 

On August 16th Keith will debut his newest single “Make Way.” The soon to be released – is a feel-good track vested to the beauty of a new beginning. 

In the curation process of “Make Way,” Keith embodied victory and empowered to have the world see him. His lyrics later, you will understand that not only is it from his personal story but also, among all listeners. 

“Make Way” signifies the unity among one and another since life consistently presents challenges times. The lyrics encourage strength and willpower to tackle through them all and finding your rightful place in this world. 

Stay up-to-date of “Make Way” new release here.

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